I was born in Ottawa Ontario. My dad was in the
military so when I was
two we moved to Trenton.

It was odd back then to stay in one place for a long time but we
had a big family and my dad was waiting to get a particular posting.

He finally got a posting out west and we moved to Comox BC. By this time my two older brothers and my oldest sister were already out of the house. After high school I moved to the Canadian Military base in Lahr Germany – where I met my husband, Claude. He was also in the military. After living all across Canada we finally settled in Ontario (for now).

Ten things about me.

  1.  Writing is not something I planned to do. It’s something I needed to do.  If I don’t say what I need to say, no one is going to say it for me.
  2. I love to garden – even if it’s just to pull weeds. It
    gives me time to think and calms me. I love to read in the garden with the smell of apple blossoms, lilacs or roses.
  3. I love thunderstorms and sitting in a dark room, listening to the rain against the rooftop.
  4. I like sushi but can’t eat it anymore because I’m allergic to rice.
  5. I’m dyslexic and disliked reading as a child. I couldn’t read until I was in grade four when I had a great teacher who took the time to teach me.
  6. As a young adult my best friend killed himself because he was gay and his parents would never accept him. The character of Alex in my book In The Garage was based on him.
  7. Sometimes I know things before they happen. But unfortunately it doesn’t work with lottery numbers.
  8. Of all the characters I’ve written so far, I’m most like BJ from In the Garage. I use humour and snark to hide how I really feel.
  9. Although I have to speak in public all the time, I get really bad anxiety attacks during every day life things. I used to be a lot worse but now I have a dog that helps keeps me calm.
  10. I’m very quiet in a group of people and prefer to sit back and watch rather than be the centre of attention.


My parents way back in the late 50s

My siblings and myself on my 2nd birthday