School visits and workshops

Alma Fullerton – Midland ON.

Writers’ Union Member. Fiction & NF, Multi awards including GG finalist, 2X TD finalist, Silver Birch Honor, 2x Blue Spruce finalist and Marilynn Baillie picture book award finalist. All ages.
Alma’s rate is $300 plus HST for one session, $500 for two, $750 for three and $950 for four, plus travel from Midland.
Alma is an experienced speaker who can do presentations and workshops for children and adults. She works with teachers and librarians and can easily tailor her presentation to the group in front of her. She writes and illustrates picture books through to young adult novels. Please email for more information about any presentation.


Picture book Readings – Readings and presentations for K-grade 2.  Includes a reading, powerpoint/slideshow, song or craft (depending on the amount of children)
In Their Shoes – This interactive presentation consists of a series of photographs and activities for your children to see or experience the way children in other countries live.
Esteem building-Art workshop – This is an interactive workshop done with one or two classes where the students work together and with me to create a work of art using compliments to other students. The art is left for the classroom or library.
Overcoming Obstacles: This is an interactive talk about my struggles with reading and school and about how you can overcome anything if you work hard enough.  Here I discuss my struggles with a learning disability.
The story behind the story – How my books came to be: Consists of a reading from one of my novels and then I tell the process of how books become books from idea to finished book. 45 minutes with a 15 minute question period.
An Author’s Career: The ups and downs of being an author. What do authors do during the day? How much do we get paid? How do we deal with rejection and revision? 45 minutes with a 15 minute question period.

I like to brainstorm with the teacher/teachers about where your children are in their abilities to make sure these are age and ability so your students get the most out of these.
Show Don’t Tell: Through a series of guided writing exercises and group sharing, students learn how to enhance their own natural writing talents and improve their creative work by using revealing detail (1 hour with one or two classes at a time).
Breathing Life into your Characters: An hour-long workshop on character development and how to make your characters real. With tips and character sketch worksheets.
Letting the Dominoes fall: An hour-long workshop on setting up stories so they run smoothly beginning to end.
Creating a Picture book writing and illustration: I have a powerpoint on the steps to create a picture book. From start to finish.
Tolerance is not enough: Developing Acceptance with the use of literature – a workshop for teachers and parents about how to use literature to help teach acceptance in the classroom.